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In the poetry collection "Souls of Nature" we want to consistently, aptly and lucidly address the logic of the need to recognize the right of life and soul in subjugated nature.

We want to recognize with joy the "other life", the otherness, to see its transcendence and, thus, restore the unity of the self with the world.

Not as a support of the self, but because the self itself – basically, the “being” – is a unity, if, of course, we agree that the true Self is the composition of life without our intervening, mediating social, psychological and cultural delusions. Thus, in the end, he who hates nature hates himself, disturbed by her lyrical subjugation. The poems seek to speak of the mute or, better, the uninterpretable mind and soul, which inhabits everywhere, as the conspiracy of speech was so fully realized only by the human species, as an act of power against the speaking Silence and the cryptic speech of his soul world. It is clear that the love for animals, plants and stones, this uninterpretable silent culture of existence, for Light and Soul, brought us to this venture through the need for a deep relationship of soul peace and bridging the gap which, so dramatically and multifaceted, manifests itself in the environmental crisis and in the void of soul of consumerist and dynastic everyday life. It is time to serve nature and its beings in the unfolding recovery of Edenicity with maximum harmlessness and evolution.

Every art must contribute to this. Historically, the artistic and therefore the poetic reference to the environment and nature is the most primordial starting field of aesthetic and meaningful creation. Poetry remains not only a step of communication, but also a responsibility for all of us. It is a wish of the soul in a difficult world and in difficult times. A free audio CD is available with the book, which includes recitations of 15 poems. Readings: Nikitas Tsakiroglou, Alexandros Stavrakis, Emmy Stylianidis, Konstantinos Tsakonas.

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