Transparent Silicone ISOFIX

Transparent Silicone ISOFIX

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2.20 -12% Initial price: 2.50 € Product code: ΓΕ.02.739 Product weight: 0.3 Kg Product dimensions: 32x5x5 cm
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Product description:


Transparent Silicone ISOFIX is a cost-saving, general-purpose, acetoxy, mildew resistant silicone with very good adhesion to a variety of substrates even without using a primer. It shows high elasticity as well as high resistance to weather conditions. Not affected by moisture or water. Non paintable. Resistant to temperatures varying from -50οC to +160οC.


ISOFIX SILICONE is suitable for sealing joints in non-porous materials such as glass, aluminum, porcelain tile, ceramics, etc. It is used widely for joints around aluminum frames, sanitary ware and kitchen countertops.


Cartridge of 260ml


Transparent, Non-paintable.


Shelf life:
At least 12 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity. 

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