Washer Huller 2M

Washer Huller 2M

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Washer Huller 2M
Washer Huller 2M

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Product description:

The Washer Huller 2m offers the possibility for continuous washing of the nuts and has a motorised internal drive shaft, which is capable of running in the same direction as the washer or in reverse. Optionally can has a washing water recycling tank and a hulling water reinjection pump. Also has high pressure jet without high pressure group, motorised door, drum speed controller and a rotor speed controller.

This machine has the following characteristics:

  • 800 mmmotorised external drum (1,5 kW)
  • motorised internal drive shaft (2,2 kW)
  • hopper cleaner
  • water delivery by a2 mlow pressure water jet internal and external to drum (standard model)
  • perforated metal drum
  • brush drum
  • other sharp equipment

Also has the following advantages:

  • the hulling plates can be changed via the drum inspection hatches
  • adapts to seasonal requirements :
    1. open green nuts to complete hulling
    2. remove earth infiltration in the nut shell cracks due to clayey soil
    3. open closed green nuts for sale as fresh nuts
    4. capacity :400 kgof fresh hulled nuts/hour

Weight and Dimensions



2,7 m


1,08 m


1,62 m


1000 kg

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