Rat Glue Trap Dr.Trapp’s (small package)

Rat Glue Trap Dr.Trapp’s (small package)

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2.70 -10% Initial price: 3.00 € Product code: ΓΦ.06.042 Product dimensions: 17x9,5x2 cm
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Product description:

Dr. Trapp’s ratcatch is a non-toxic, non poisonous, odorless glue trap for mice and rats. Specially formulated for maximum stickness and long life helps to eliminate mice and rats.



Dr.Trapp’s ratcatch is ready to use. Separate glue trays and place side up in places where mice are seen. If no mice are caught within 2-3 days place trap in new location. Discard mice and trap when full.


If you, accidentally, touch the glue, clean off by using gasoline or solvent.

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