Glue for trapping rats and insects 135gr

Glue for trapping rats and insects 135gr

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Glue for trapping rats and insects 135gr
2.40 -20% Initial price: 3.00 € Product code: ΓΦ.06.040 Product weight: 0.135 Kg
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Product description:

Arorex glue is a non-toxic, harmless but effective glue suitable for catching rats/mice, reptiles and invading insects in homes and fields.

Instructions for use: Spread the glue on a cardboard/wood base and place it near places where mice and walking insects use as passages (eg holes, openings). For best results place attractive baits in the center of the base (eg cheese for mice, sugar for ants) or use yellow cardboard as a base when it comes to insects. It can also protect the plants from insects, when placed in a circle around them.

PRECAUTIONS: This glue is non-toxic. Any glue residues are easily removed with petrol oil. Keep children and pets away.

PACKAGING: Tube 135g

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