Hard plastic adhesive Boro Plast

Hard plastic adhesive Boro Plast

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8.80 -12% Initial price: 10.00 € Product code: ΔΠ.02.486 Product weight: 0.06 Kg Product dimensions: 22x10x5 cm
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Product description:


Boro Plast is a special liquid adhesive for hard plastics including polyethylene and polypropylene, that provides instant bonding without mixing. It glues, creates and fills any hard plastic in 1min. In 1 min you can rub it, file it, make a hole in it, paint it and generally you can create any application according to your needs.

It is used on broken car and motorcycle bumpers and on all their plastic parts, on plastic parts of yachts, on repairing all plastic covers of hi-fi or office machines, on broken televisions, radios, telephones or stereos and several more applications that concern bonding and filling gaps from hard plastics.

  • Fills gaps and holes
  • Can be rasped and painted
  • Easy to use

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