Liquid metal adhesive Boro Metal Type 48

Liquid metal adhesive Boro Metal Type 48

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8.80 -12% Initial price: 10.00 € Product code: ΔΠ.02.063 Product weight: 0.08 Kg Product dimensions: 22x10x3 cm
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Product description:


Extra fast, extra strong liquid metal adhesive Boro Metal Type 48 suitable for aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, castings, steel machined surfaces and other materials such as porcelain and wood. It can be drilled, tapped, threaded and rasped. Withstands heat up to 180οC (360οF).

Boro metal can be used on broken bicycles, cracked blocks, damaged keyways, cracked battery cases, split castings, cracked intake manifolds etc.

Its strength, speed, versatility, ability to fill gaps and withstand high temperatures make Boro Metal cold bonding compound ideal for repairing just almost everything.

  • Working time: approximately 1-2 minutes
  • Hardens in 3-4 minutes.
  • Test proven shear strength of greater than 35N/mm2 (4300psi) after 12 hours.
  • Stable endurance up to temperature of 200οC (400οF) and intermittent 260οC (500οF) and -68οC (-90οF).


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