High temperature sealant S-High Temp

High temperature sealant S-High Temp

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2.99 -12% Initial price: 3.40 € Product code: ΓΕ.01.932 Product weight: 0.1 Kg Product dimensions: 16x5x4 cm
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High temperature sealant Elastotet S-HiTemp is a silicone for professional use. It retains its properties under temperatures varying from 40oC to 260oC while it can resist up to 300oC for limited time. It doesn’t crack or shrink. Resistant to oil, grease, water, antifreeze and valvolines. It retains its elasticity after polymerization.


Ideal as a liquid flange for car engines, pumps, burners, valve caps, exhaust or ventilation pipes.


Tube of 80 ml


Available in Red.


At least 12 months in a cool (below 25οC) and dry storage area. 

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