SilicoSec Diatomite 2 Kg

SilicoSec Diatomite 2 Kg

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30.00 Product code: ΓΦ.16.006 Product weight: 2 Kg Product dimensions: 23Χ17Χ17 cm
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Product description:

Natural diatomaceous earth for hazard-free control of insects in stored grain and storage rooms

Product description

SilicoSec is a non-chemical natural alternative for the control of insects in stored grains and storage rooms. The active ingredient amorphous diatomaceous earth is composed of fossilized sweet water diatoms.

SilicoSec  is active against all kinds of crawling insects, also against moth larvae. It is applied to the preferred hiding places and travel routes of the insects. The fine SilicoSec powder sticks to the body of the insects and kills them within a short time. Up to now no resistances against SilicoSec have been identified.


Keep dry. Shelf life at least 24 months. The product is non-perishable beyond guaranteed minimum durability.

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