Cutting Machine SPRINT 40

Cutting Machine SPRINT 40

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Cutting Machine SPRINT 40
Cutting Machine SPRINT 40
Cutting Machine SPRINT 40
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Product description:

The SPRINT 40 binder simplifies work thanks to high binding speed. It allows for a very difficult and exhausting work to be carried out in a very simple way with reliability and speed.

  • Battery charger IMA
  • Lightweight Compact, No need backpacks, shoulder straps or the like, all in one hand
  • Head with 40 mm aperture suitable for connection to other types of plants, such as kiwi.
  • Simple and intuitive control panel. Allows you to control the mechanical engagement and adjust the connection type to be done.
  • Convenient carry case with maintenance and battery charger



800 g

Battery capacity


2000 mAh

Battery weight


240 g



6000 legat.

Wire size


150 mt



12 volt

Recurring time


1,5 ore

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