Self-Propelled Shaker B411 INTENSIVE

Self-Propelled Shaker B411 INTENSIVE

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Self-Propelled Shaker B411 INTENSIVE

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Product description:

The self-propelled B411 INTENSIVE is specifically designed for the mechanical harvest of nuts.

The new Generation self-breaking vibrating head at high frequencies, allows to maximize the harvesting  a reduced time, increasing the collected fruits percentage per unit of time.

The machine has the ability to rotate the arm up to 45o on the right side which permit to reduce maneuvers in the field, since the telescopic arm facilitates the approach to the tree trunks.

Commands are controlled by a joystick, making all the operations much faster.


ENGINE: KUBOTA 66 CV - 4 Cylinders, water-cooled.
CHASSIS: Tubular Monoblock and Sheet.
TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic, 4-wheel drive with rear axle steering and negative braking system.
CONTROL: Joystick.

Hydraulic System composed by:      

  • Hydrostatic transmission pump
  • Vibration pump
  • Service pump
  • Hydraulic Steering pump
  • Selector to control the speed of the brushes


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