"JUNIOR" Walnut Cracker

"JUNIOR" Walnut Cracker

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"JUNIOR" Walnut Cracker
"JUNIOR" Walnut Cracker
"JUNIOR" Walnut Cracker

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Product description:

Junior Walnut Cracker is very robust, reliable, high-performance and provides a high percentage of halves, depending on the variety of walnuts. It cracks up to 100kg/hour and has the following features:

  • engine entirely protected under an outer case
  • flow: 50 to 70 kg/h (standard) / 30 to 100 kg/h (with variator)
  • cracking without calibration
  • working without control
  • minimized crack of the walnut halves
  • rocks anti-lock system
  • hopper :300 litres
  • human height loading
  • empty shell removal blower SEJ400 or SEP800 for the extraction of 20 to 30% of the shells
  • single phase electric motor (220 V)

Weight and Dimensions



212 kg


1,52 m


0,62 m


1,70 m

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