Admiral 10EC Pyriproxyfen 10% W/V (25cc)

Admiral 10EC Pyriproxyfen 10% W/V (25cc)

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4.50 -10% Initial price: 5.00 € Product code: ΓΦ.01.016 Product weight: 0.06 Kg Product dimensions: 10.5x5x5 cm
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Product description:

Chemical name: 4-(phenoxyphenyl)-(RS)-2-(2-pyridyloxy)ethyl ether 
Characteristics: Pale yellow to likeness white powder 

  • Water content              ≤0.5 
  • Assay                             ≥95% 
  • Melting point             45.0~47.0°C 
  • Relative density           1.32(20°C) 
  • Solubility   in organic dissolvent: dimethyl benzene 50%,  hexane 40%,carbinol 20% 

Product uses: It,s a conditioner of phenylate insects growing up. 
Package and storage:

  • 25CC
  • 150CC 
  • 0,5LT 
  • 1LT 

keep tightly in cool and dry place 

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