Insecticide Fendona Top 100ml

Insecticide Fendona Top 100ml

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9.90 -10% Initial price: 11.00 € Product code: ΓΦ.06.027 Product weight: 0.1 Kg Product dimensions: 9x4x4 cm
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Product description:

Insecticide in liquid form, suitable for exterminating insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, etc. Spray indoors or outdoors, at regular intervals, the period of Spring and Summer. It is the first choice in spraying against health importance of insects, by direct shooting of insects.  

Applied to external and internal surfaces of residential areas as follows:

For flying insects: Spray surfaces only and never in the air from a short distance (up to 1 meter) at all points superimposed insects which seek their extermination. Surfaces such as walls and roofs of houses, warehouses, stables, windows, corners, ledges, lamps etc.

For Walking insects: Spray on cockroaches in dark, moist and warm places in underground wells, water pipes, siphons, behind appliances, toilets, boiler rooms, warehouses, cabinets etc.

For other insects: spray on doors, windows, skirting boards, floors, cracks in walls, closets, wood beds, behind furniture and frames and generally where it can lie hidden.

 With Fendona Top 100ml thus achieve fast shooting and extensive control in a wide range of insects harmful to public health such as flies (Diptera), Cockroaches (Dictyoptera), mosquitoes (Diptera), moth (Lepidoptera), fleas (Siphonaptera ), Fishes, shears (Apterygota), ants (Hymenoptera), Bugs (Hemiptera). The ratio is 50cc in 5 liters of water with which you can spray surfaces around 100 m2. In very severe attacks, it may be appropriate to use a combination of different drugs, for best results.

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