Maxforce White IC

Maxforce White IC

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8.00 Product code: ΓΦ.06.017 Product weight: 0.05 Kg Product dimensions: 16X3X4 cm
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Product description:

A ready to use insecticidal gel bait for the control of cockroach nymphs and adults.

Maxforce White IC contains 2.15% imidacloprid, foodstuffs which are particularly attractive to cockroaches and colloidal materials which maintain the attractiveness of the bait and provide cockroaches with a source of liquid. Maxforce White IC withstands a broad range of temperatures. It is odourless and non staining whilst the milky coloured gel looks clean and is inconspicuous in use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • No visible deposit (non-staining).
  • Reduces program visits and call backs.
  • Rapid action and long term control.
  • Inconspicuous white colour.

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