K-Othrine 25 SC

K-Othrine 25 SC

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8.00 Product code: ΓΦ.06.026 Product weight: 0.25 Kg
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Product description:

For the control of: Crawling Insects including cockroaches, black ants, bed-bugs, fleas, silverfish, carpet beetles and stored product pests such as grain weevils, saw-toothed grain beetles, spider beetles, flour beetles and booklice. Flying insects including flies, mosquitoes and stored product moths.

For Use In: Domestic Situations Private Housing. Public Buildings Continuously occupied areas (as a band/spot or crack and crevice treatment only), hospitals, hotels, public baths, municipal buildings, churches, halls, community centres, cinemas etc. Food Handling Processing Food manufacture, kitchens, slaughterhouses etc. Storage Food retailers, warehouses, raw material stores etc. Preparation Restaurants, commercial kitchens etc. Aircraft Aircraft galleys, cabins etc (AMS 1450A certificate). On Board Ship Accommodation and food preparation areas.

Spraying Equipment Apply with any suitable hand or mechanical sprayer capable of producing a coarse spray

Directions for use: Dilute with water only. Prepare a fresh suspension as required. Do not store prepared suspension. Mix contents before measuring by inverting several times. Do not agitate vigorously. Loosen cap on the calibrated dispensing chamber. Squeeze the bottle and liquid will flow into the chamber. When sufficient liquid has entered the chamber, release pressure and pour K-Othrine into sprayer or mixing vessel. After dispensing K-Othrine replace and tighten the chamber cap.

The spray should be applied evenly to all surfaces - floors, walls and dunnage. Ensure that all cracks and crevices where insects might find cover are adequately treated.

K-Othrine may be applied to: Walls and structural surfaces of rooms and buildings used for the storage of raw or processed foodstuffs, providing the foodstuffs do not come into contact with the treated surfaces and that foodstuffs are either removed or protected from contamination by an impermeable covering such as plastic sheeting before application. Pallets and dunnage, providing foodstuffs subsequently stored are protected from treated surfaces by an impermeable covering such as plastic sheeting. Surfaces of machinery, external or internal surfaces used for the drying, cleaning or conveying of raw cereal grains, malt or oilseeds. Surfaces of stacks of foodstuffs in containers of wood, fibreboard and similar impermeable materials.

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