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Product description:

PMC has set the standard for speciality harvesting equipment for many years. The "GB3300" Green Bean Harvester incoporates continious design improvements for better performance and reduced maintenance.

PMC works closely with processors, growers and machine operators to produce harversters which maximise performance and delivers a high quality end product as economically as possible.

Speed of response is an essential igredient of PMC's after-sales service including spare parts. PMC provides the very best in harvesting technology which is supported by specialist technical support, harvester maintenance and operator training. PMC's products are supported worldwide from our dealer. All of thiw combines to ensure our customers obtain the best value and performance from their PMC harvester.

The GB3300 can be adapted to harvest other crops such as spinach.


Technical Characteristics

  • The ariculated frame enables the machine to operate in areas of limited access and minimises un-harvested crop damage as the rear wheels follow the path of the front wheels. The crab steering on the front wheels maximises clearance between the wheels and the un-harvested crop in adverse conditions.
  • The Deutz incline6 cylinder water cooled engine with added charge cooler reduces exhaust emissions and has a power output of 165 Kw.
  • The high capacity hopper has variable discharge height. Beans are discharged from the hopper by chain driven steel bars.
  • An optional plastic interlocking is available where a gentler unloading system is required such as when harvesting beans for the fresh market.
  • Ergonomically designed, air conditioned and heated operator's cabin has excellent all round visibility and comfort. All operator controls are ergonomically designed to maximize performance.
  • The operator is kept informed of the machines performance by the electronic monitoring system.
  • A CCTV camera is provided to monitor the filling of the hopper and another as a safety feature machine.
  • Plants are presented to the rubber mounted picking tines by the Plant Aligning Belt, optional steel tines are available along with brushes and rollers to replace the Plant Aligning belt.
  • Outstanding value and performance.

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