Onion Exporter - Packaging Machine

Onion Exporter - Packaging Machine

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Onion Exporter - Packaging Machine

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Product description:


This piece of machinery is set in motion in two ways. Either by means of the tractor's partikoff dynamo generator, or an electric motor (for stationary operation). The Selection of motion is made by a clutch, which connects or disconnects, the machinery from the tractor's dynamo generator. The onions are emptied by personnel into the conveyor system's loading area. Thanks to a sieve at the bottom, any stones or lumps of earth fall onto the field. In the process system, the onions fall into the small cross-section sieve and start moving by means of mechanical fingers. During the onions' movement, due to the fact that the sprout is heaviest part of the plant, it turns downwards and conseguently protrudes from the sieve.

Underneath the sieve there are three (3) rotating knives. The onion tails are cut by the rotating knives in a customized speed, and they fall onto the removal sheeting ending up onto the field. 

Next, the onions reach the front part of the machine where the process of seperation takes place. This is achieved by means of two (2) sieves of a different cross-section. Underneath the sieves there are guiding paths, which direct the onions of each category into the sacks. The sacks are placed  at the end of the guiding paths while their top part is open, because they rest on frames specially shaped for this purpose. Correspondingly, for the support of the sacks, there is a possible and three (3) selections, according to the sieves and their cross sections (F30-45 for onion stew, F45-85 depending on the sieves that are changed, and F85 plus for the thickest variation). It is also possible, by means of small lofts at the onions's exit, for the machine to package onions not only in sacks, but also in wooden or plastic cates.

This piece of machinery is also manufactured with four (4) selections appropriate for fine onions used as onion bulbs, thick onion seeds, onions for onion stew, and thicker onion variation.

General Characteristics

Total Length

9.40 m.

Total Width

1.90 m.

Total Height

2.60 m.


30-50 t/8h

Number of Knives


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