Almond Crumb Production Line

Almond Crumb Production Line

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Almond Crumb Production Line
Almond Crumb Production Line
Almond Crumb Production Line
Almond Crumb Production Line
Almond Crumb Production Line
Almond Crumb Production Line
Almond Crumb Production Line

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Product description:

The almond crumb production line has three versions depending on the output rate:

A. 130 Kg / h

B. 260 Kg / h

C. 1.200 Kg / h


Below we describe the production line of almond kernels with a production rate of 260 Kg/h.


  • Model: STR2 + STR50 / 2
  • Gauges: 2
  • Break Cylinders: 2
  • Vibration Levels in the separator: 5
  • Expenses Number in separator: 3
  • Separator Type: Five levels vibrating sieves
  • Production: 260 Kgr / h
  • Total installed power: 7.48 Kw
  • Length: 9350 mm
  • Width: 2062 mm
  • Height: 2988 mm
  • Line Net weight: 2000 Kgr
  • Maximum Noise: 83,9 dB (A)




The elevators have a reception hopper for the product. A special palette holds the product until the next ladle finds a place to receive the product. Then each ladle which is filled with the product, brings the product up and lands it on a head with several directions for the equal distribution of the product in the pre-sorter screen.


Model: STR12 / 1

Suitable for: 260 Kgr / h production line

Capacity: 0,5 m3

Number of Rows spoon: 1

Electrical Power (Kw): 0,75

Length (mm): 1623

Width (mm): 1048

Height (mm): 2988




The preliminary sorter, separates kissable almonds in two sizes.

Then the "chosen" almonds accumulate in a funnel in order the crusher to have autonomy for one hour.

Almonds are driven in conical rollers with adjustable hammers to achieve a perfect break of various sizes of almonds.


  • Model: STR2
  • Yield: 260 Kgr / h
  • Gauges: 2
  • Cylinder: 2
  • Electrical Power (Kw): 1,87
  • Length (mm): 1616
  • Width (mm): 1655
  • Height (mm): 2130
  • Weight (Kgr): 707



Delivers the broken product to the separator.


The product (almond kernel) with broken shells passes through vibrating levels and it is being separated. Then passes from the extractor which removes all impurities. This product comes in three outputs completely clean.


  • Model: STR 50/2
  • Yield: 400 Kgr / h
  • Vibration Levels: 5
  • Expenses Number: 3
  • Electrical Power (Kw): 3
  • Length (mm): 4340
  • Width (mm): 1445
  • Height (mm): 2518
  • Weight (Kgr): 777




• At the end of the line can be placed sorting table for four people.

• It is equipped with a hopper to store the product and to provide a smooth product supply to the bank.

• The bank is vibrating.

• In this case the total length of the line increases by 2055 mm.

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