Rotary mower machine RAS - Rinieri

Rotary mower machine RAS - Rinieri

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Product description:


The new rotary mower machine RAS made by the Italian company RINIERI has 3 blades with height adjustable front wheels and rear rollers. The belt transmission allows the machine to work very low. On the machine can be added a special 3 point hitch and double shaft gear box for spray/mow combination which permits to cut the grass and spray at the same time.




Tractor Power

Distance between the tractor wheels

Working Width

Total Width


RAS 160


40-50 Hp

82 cm

160 cm

165 cm

360 kg

RAS 180


50-60 Hp

92 cm

185 cm

185 cm

390 kg

RAS 200


60-70 Hp

102 cm

200 cm

205 cm

420 kg

RAS 225


70-80 Hp

115 cm

225 cm

230 cm

450 kg

RAS 250


80-90 Hp

127 cm

250 cm


480 Kg


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