"ATHENA" Olive Harvester

"ATHENA" Olive Harvester

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"ATHENA" Olive Harvester
"ATHENA" Olive Harvester

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Product description:

"ATHENA" is the new self-propelled olive harvester specifically DESIGNED for continuous harvesting of intensive and super-intensive olive orchards.

"ATHENA" is the only machine capable of an easy and perfect adjust on every type of vegetation geometry, without any damage to the branches.

The harvest is done by a set of patented special harvesting heads, ensuring an harvesting efficiency always over 90%, easily reaching 98%, with a working speed up to3.5 km/h.

Picked olives are collected by FEED belts with branches and leaves removers, and delivered to the container.

"ATHENA" can deliver the product to bins, or trailed connected to the machine, or trailed placed on the adjacent row.

Also, it has the following features:

  • a very compact harvesting system
  • compact dimensions
  • lightness
  • powerful hydrostatic transmission
  • 4 wheel steer system ensure:
    1. great manoeuvrability even in dense vegetation with reduced turning space
    2. capability of working on rough or wet ground.
    3. capability of working on steep ground.

"ATHENA" can be equipped with harvesting devices on right or left side. Thus, 2 machines can be used simultaneously, working in parallel on the same row, to quickly harvest very large orchards.

This machine has the following technical characteristics:

Harvesting heads

  • harvesting is made continuously on the lateral surface of the vegetation with high speed and efficiency
  • variable geometry harvesting heads can quickly adjust on the vegetation, directly shaking the branches with olives, without touching main trunks
  • harvesting heads, thanks to their patented shape and special movement, do not get entangled and do not damage branches  
  • the transmission is extremely simple and reliable
  • the movement of the harvesting heads is driven by a very simple mechanical transmission, ensuring high efficiency, strength, reliability
  • the number of components is reduced to the minimum and all components are oversized, to ensure thousands of hours of service, day after day
  • harvesting heads are easily interchangeable with other equipment (mechanical pruning, spray units to distribute chemicals, etc.)


  • the ATHENA big roomy cab has plenty of place for 2 operators: first is driving the machine, second keeps the control of the harvesting system
  • huge windows surface and drive positions ensure great visibility and total direct control of machine position and harvesting system
  • second operator is not necessary when harvesting regular-shaped uniform vegetation (super-intensive)
  • pressurized cab, air filtering system, air conditioning and heating
  • all remote controls
  • the operator has a constant control of all harvesting parameters
  • hydraulic joysticks to control harvesting heads


  • heavy-duty axles with epicycloid gears
  • pivoting front axle with hydraulic control
  • 100% diff lock on both axles with electro-hydraulic control
  • heavy-duty hydraulic pump and bent axis motor with automatic change of displacement
  • work speed continuously adjustable 0 –3 km/h
  • road speed continuously adjustable 0 –20 km/h
  • 4 wheel drive and steer
  • adjustable hydraulic steer system: 2 wheel steer, 4 wheel steer counter-phase, 4 wheel steer phase (crab)
  • 4 speed ranges, 2 mechanic + 2 hydraulic
  • hydrostatic braking, hydraulic service brake and park brake


  • FPT, 4 cylinder, turbo intercooler, 4500 cc
  • max power 93 kW @ 2200 rpm
  • BEST fuel consumption 226 g/kWh @ 1700 rpm.
  • combined 4 stages aluminium cooler.


large floatation radial tires 425/55 R 17.



Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Working Height


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