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Product description:

Exporter RPNA for leek in a very good condition.


This machine can harvest without operator (fast payback).Good stability of the machine. Does not damage the leeks during the filling of box. The handling of the leeks is then easier in the stations.


Technical Details

Tractor power for 70 Hp with creeping speed.
* Speed of the belts adjustable form the tractor cab.
Tyres RC 400/60 LOW PRESSURE(Ø 875mm – width 405mm)
TO BE PRECISE DURING ORDERING: type of hydraulic couplings, overall width of tractor.


Long lifter (3,40 m) equipped with front ram and waterproofed pulleys.
Double cutting discs mounted under the brush torpedo. 
Standard shaker on share = ENS 3821


The conveyor moves automatically from LH to RH to fill the box.

Fork Lift

The hydraulic fork lift is synchronised with the movement of the band to fill the bin.

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