Honey Refractometer

Honey Refractometer

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Honey Refractometer
Honey Refractometer
40.50 -10% Initial price: 45.00 € Product code: ΔΕ.06.083 Product weight: 0.5 Kg Product dimensions: 10Χ20Χ10 cm
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Product description:

The sequence RHB generated for measurements in liquids associated with sugar, such as fruit juices, honey, wine, etc. This helps to control sugar concentrations in foods and beverages.

The refractometers provide important information for ensuring:

  • product quality control in cases of maturity of fruit
  • product quality after harvesting and processing

Also used to control the concentration of various industrial fluids, such as liquid rinse compounds. The choice of model is made according to the concentration of liquids, and the parameters of the refractometer.

It is an instrument used to measure the moisture and sugar.

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