Comfort Large-Area Irrigation AquaContour

Comfort Large-Area Irrigation AquaContour

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Comfort Large-Area Irrigation AquaContour
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Product description:

The innovative GARDENA Comfort Large-Area Irrigation AquaContour automatic is the convenient sprinkler for individual irrigation of just about any garden contour up to 350 m². With its variably programmable range, it easily reaches any corner of the garden. This Large-Area Irrigation is especially easy to programme - two different garden contours, e.g. in front and behind of the house can be easily programmed and recalled at any time. Depending on the programme, up to 50 key contour points can be individually stored.

 The Large-Area Irrigation has a dirt-resistant membrane keyboard with clear operator guidance. The sprinkler can be simply programmed. The soft plastic nozzles on the sprayer head guarantee even water distribution. The irrigation sector can be individually selected from 25° to 360° using adjustment rings.

The range of the Large-Area Irrigation can also be variably stored and achieves a range of 2.5 - 9m with an operating pressure of 2 bar and 10.5 m with an operating pressure of 4 bar. The two ground markers are practical. They allow secure and precise positioning of the sprinkler in the programmed irrigation areas.

The Large-Area Irrigation is also equipped with two spikes. These ensure secure fixation of the sprinkler in the grass.

The GARDENA Comfort Large-Area Irrigation AquaContour automatic irrigates every corner of your garden.

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