Universal Liquid Fertiliser

Universal Liquid Fertiliser

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Universal Liquid Fertiliser
9.72 -10% Initial price: 10.80 € Product code: ΓΕ.01.887 Product weight: 1 Kg
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Product description:

The GARDENA Universal Liquid Fertiliser is a fast-action, mineral fertiliser. It is especially well suited for balcony-/patio and garden plants.

The concentrated nutrient mix (NPK fertiliser solution 10+4+7) ensures healthy plant growth and luscious flower- and fruit development.

 The disease- and pest resistance of the plants is increased. A little goes a long way.

The fertiliser is fully water soluble and contains important trace nutrients, such as magnesium.

 Using the Fertiliser Dispenser, the fertiliser is added to the system.

One bottle contains 1,000 ml.

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