Washer for Spring Onions "EPOIG"

Washer for Spring Onions "EPOIG"

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Washer for Spring Onions "EPOIG"
Washer for Spring Onions "EPOIG"
Washer for Spring Onions "EPOIG"

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Product description:


  • Chassis, input and output table made of stainless steel - Fixed feet
  • Stainless steel gates on rams side roots and sliding plexiglas side leaves
  • Input and output tables with opened space between the belts
  • 1 part equipped with small 2 rotors covered with rubber without spaces between themselves
  • Dimensions: (Input table 1800 mm total length), (Output table 3390 mm total lenth)
  • Output with "spring onions": till 600 units/hout/person
  • Water consumption: 8 to 15 m3/h
  • Peeling system with forth and back movement
  • Nylon brushes 70/100 (hardness) length 1000 mm, Ø 180 mm
  • Straight brushes up and down
  • Roots cutting 5 blades
  • Top cutting: 2 shear blades, adjustable from 310 to 410 mm
  • 2 finishing rotors in order to take out the remaining leaves on the bulb
  • Adjustable speed of the brushes, the rubber rotors and the belts
  • Input water Ø 50 mm, valve 2"
  • Electrical panel according to CE with low tension 24 volt
  • Power 3,5 Kw (hydraulic)
  • Electricity: Threephased 380 volts 50 Hz
  • Length of the cable 5 m - supplied with no socket
  • Safety device on the gates
  • Output table > 3390 mm, the linear ml - maximal length 5 m
  • Brush with waves (advised for big bulbed onions). Possibility to mount 1 straight and 1 with waves on the both with waves.
  • Centralized automatic and electric greasing system
  • Centralized greasing points
  • Plexiglass doors on ram side roots (with a stainless steel frame)