"300 R" Curved Garden Saw

"300 R" Curved Garden Saw

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Product description:

The Curved Garden Saw "300 R" can be used in many ways depending on where you want to saw. If you want to cut easily accessible branches, you can simply use it as a "normal" hand saw. It is a tool that has the following features:

• fit snugly in the hand thanks to its ergonomic handle with comfortable soft plastic components

• practical

• has a safety lock, which ensures that the connection remains secure

• the precision toothing with hardened edges of the teeth and the triple processing ensures a safe cutting

• due to a special coating ideally protected against rust as sawing, the stop at the end of the handle prevents slippage even during pulling movements

• easy to remove sawn branches using the hook on the edge of the blade

• can be hung from the built-in loop and the blade can be protected using the blade cover, thus ensuring the safe storage of



Blade Length (mm)



Cross toothing - Especially teeth for cutting, by pulling


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