Pentakeep Super 250 gr.

Pentakeep Super 250 gr.

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Product description:


Contains photosynthesis promoter 5-aminolevulinic acid


Unique active ingredients

  • Optimum formulation of ALA

     Not all amino acids are effective for plants. PENTAKEEP-super is formulated with an appropriate concentration of 5-aminolevulinic acid, which is highly effective for plant revitalization.


  • Optimum formulation of micronutrients

         Micronutrients are so easily insolubilized depending on the soli pH. PENTAKEEP-super supplements such imbalance between macro-and micronutrients.


More growth

  • Increases yield
  • Increases sugar content
  • Shortens cultivation period


Improves stress resistance

  • Promotes plant growth under low light
  • Improves cold resistance
  • Improves salt tolerance


What is ALA?

ALA(5-aminolevulinic acid) is a unique precursor of chlorophyll and heme in plants and produced by photosynthetic bacteria.ALAis also found in animal body and plays important roles. It is a natural and useful amino acid and not harmful for human and animal bodies.


Actions to the plants

  • Increases chlorophyll biosynthesis
  • Enhances photosynthetic capacity
  • Controls dark respiration
  • Extends stomatal aperture
  • Promotes fertilizer efficiency
  • Increases tolerance to environmental stress


Expected effects

  • Maintains leaf colour
  • Promotes plant growth and healthy seedlings growth
  • Increases yield and quality
  • Overcomes the overloading of plants
  • Keeps healthy under unfavourable environment (low temperature, little sunlight, dehydration and damage due to salt accumulation, and others)


Those crops which showed positive effects are listed below.

For further information or any inquiry, please contact our company.


Fruit vegetables

Tomato, Cucumber, Strawberry and others

Leaf vegetables

Spinach, Cabbage, Lettuce and others

Cut flowers

Rose, Chrysanthemum, Lisianthus and others

Fruit trees

Orange, Apple, Grape and others

Potted plants

Primula, Cineraria, Benjamin and others


Potato, Sugar beef, Turf grass and others


Dosage:                                                                                                            Storage & Handling Instructions:

Route of Application

Dilution /100 litreswater

Application for1 ha.

Interval between applications


  • When using, do not eat, drink or smoke.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Take off immediately all contaminated clothing.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.
  • If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always replace the container cap after use.
  • Store out of direct sunlight 0oC and below 30oC.

Water Volume



20-50 ml

100 L

25 gr

20 ml

1-2 weeks


4-16 ml

600 L

120 gr

100 ml

1-2 weeks


Application with all plants

Pentakeep-S is suitable for all types of crops. At the moment Pentagrow B.V. is focusing on the greenhouse horticulture sector. Research into applications in other sectors is in full swing.


Cut flowers

In cut flowers, Pentakeep-S is widely applied with Gerbera, Roses and Alstroemeria. Good results have also been booked with Lisianthus and Freesia.


The expected effects are:

  • stronger stems (more dry matter formed)
  • fewer broken stems
  • larfer bloom diameter and bud size 
  • more intensive colour of both flower and plant
  • plants look brighter
  • better uptake of trace elements
  • better root hair production
  • longer shelf life of flowers
  • more regular growth pattern leads to reduced use of chemical crop protection agents
  • biological crop prtection is distributed better throughout the greenhouse
  • With gerberas the blooms are clearly larger and the stem is stronger
  • With tomates, fruit weight increases and the flavour is enhanced


Rhizosphere and foliar application

Pentakeep-S can be applied to the rhizosphere and as foliar application


An application rate of 0.5 litre (635 gram) per hectare per week is advised if Pentakeep-S is applied in the rhizosphere. The frequency can be adapted to suit the growth stage of the plants, the season and the cultivation method. It is important that when dosed, Pentakeep-S comes into contact with the plants at a concentration of 0.02%.

For this reason, it is important to apply Pentakeep in a single dose. Preferably apply using a venturi injector or injection pump directly connected to the tap. After application, run one or more irrigation cycles to rinse the Pentakeep solution from the piped into growing mat. Then, stop irrigation for a while so the plants have time to absorb the Pentakeep solution. If the normal irrigation pattern is continued, the dose of Pentakeep will be diluted too much and its effect will be reduced.


Foliar application

For foliar application, a dose rate of 0.5 litres per hectare per week is advised. The spraying concentration must be between 0.02 and 0.05%. Pentakeep can also be mixed with chemical crop protection agents. However, it is important that the pH of the sprayed liquid is below 7.


Vegetable cultivation

Pentakeep-S is used on all main types of vegetable crops. The effects are particularly clear in sweet peppers.

The expected effects are:

  • improved setting
  • more uniform and higher fruit weight
  • more clusters/fruits per plant
  • more vigorous plants, increased energy
  • better uptake of trace elements, also at low temperatures
  • fruits are heavier, also at the end of the growing cycle
  • With sweet peppers, fruit setting is more regular and the fruit weight is higher

Fruit growing

In the fruit growing sector, good results have been obtained with apples, pears and cherries.

  • apply after blossoming for larger fruits
  • more uniformity and higher fruit weight
  • higher Brix index
  • more vigorous plants, increased energy


Field grown crops

Pentakeep can be used with field grown crops to boost production yields and increase the sugar content. With sugar beet, a pol (sugar content), for example, is measured of approximately 1% higher than in crops grown without the application of Pentakeep-S. With tuberous plants, the volume increases. With sugar beet the sugar content is also higher.



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