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Product description:

Mechanical design:

 The weeder system uses a special shaped disc rotating about an axis and set to cultivate at a shallow depth (10 to 20 mm) within the crop row.The crescent shaped disc profile is designed to arc around the plants and then cut in between the plants as it rotates around the axis. Rotation of the disc is synchronized with forward movement and the plant positional information from the imaging camera. The disc is coupled directly to a hydraulic motor which is controlled via a proportional hydraulic valve by the "Robocrop" computer.

Disc profile and synchronization setup is designed to maximize cultivated

The machine is based upon the same technology as the successful and well proven inter-row guidance system. The machine uses a digital video camera to capture images of the crop ahead of the toolbar. These images are analysed to find the positions of the individual plants as they pass through the image. This information is then utilised for lateral steering of the hoe and individual synchronisation of the weeder discs. The machine computer is constantly adjusting the rotational speed of the discs to suit the variability of plant spacing.