Electric Modula seeder

Electric Modula seeder

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Electric Modula seeder
Electric Modula seeder
Electric Modula seeder

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Product description:

The Forigo Modula seeder is a new model for sowing on bare ground or on a plastic mattress. Modula's innovation is intelligent technology, which allows automation of processes and perfect synchronization between seeding elements and the full power source. The technological structure of the machine and its intelligence make up the true basis of Modula: the perfect harmony and synchronization between the distributor and the drilling elements (seed cones). Even modifying the number of cones, the distributor will be able to recognize the passage of the drilling element and release the seed at the right time, avoiding waste and inadequacies. In addition, each module can be adapted to meet the needs related to the sowing distance, starting from at least 16 cm to over 1 meter.


  • High articulation of sowing elements.
  • Maximum flexibility in sowing distance.
  • Variable step system.
  • Electrical transmission with process sensors.
  • Everything is controlled by the driver's seat.
  • Seed dispenser with interchangeable nozzles for adaptation to different seeds.
  • The articulated system allows each sowing element to adapt to soil anomalies.


n° 2

n° 3

n° 4

n° 5

n° 6

n° 7

n° 8

n° 9

n° 10

n° 11

n° 12

n° 13

n° 14

n° 15

Sowing step

118 cm

78 cm

59 cm

47 cm

39 cm

33 cm

29 cm

26 cm

23 cm

21 cm

19 cm

18 cm

17 cm

16 cm

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