Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO

Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO

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Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO
Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO
Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO
Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO
Plastic Layer - Seeder - MODULA PRO - FORIGO

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Product description:

  • Fully electronic Seeding element;
  • Flexible setting of the seeding distances and depth with independent elements;
  • Seeding distributor with easy replaceable seeding rollers;
  • Seeding functions in linear rows or quincunx/diamond pattern;
  • Combined Plastic Layer with Start-Stop System.

MODULA PRO is the exclusive combined Plastic Layer-Seeder, completely managed by electronic system, which allows to lay the plastic and seed directly  straight through it in one work passage.

The machine is made up of:

  • A brand new plastic layer, equipped with an automatic film cutting system and automatic film covering. This processes is electronically managed;
  • A innovative modular seeder equipped with perforating cones, which receive seeds from the distributor and put them inside the hole in the soil. The machine movements are completely regulated by electricity, then free from any type of mechanical transmission.



  High modularity of the seeding elements 

  • Modula PRO allows you to add or remove seeding elements from the main frame in a fast and easy way, without concerning about the limits in the distance or position.

 High flexibility in the regulation of the seeding distance 

The movable “cone” is the tool which pierces the soil; it gets the seeds from the upper tank and then it sets them down. With Modula PRO you can augment or reduce the number of “cones” in order to modify the distance of the seeding on the row. The seeds distributor and the cones-holder disk are electrically regulated in order to keep anytime the right phase.

 Seeding mode for quincunx/ diamond pattern (unique system for seeding through the plastic film) 

The quincunx/diamond pattern is a pattern widely used in the horticulture sector mainly in the transplanting crops. MODULA PRO offers the opportunity to seed in quincunx/ diamond pattern event through the plastic film. Furthermore the optimization of the two processes in one work passage, make the field operations easier and cheaper (less labour cost).

Full control directly from the cockpit 

The sowing modules, like the mulch's organs, interact with each other through theCAN-BUS protocol, which allows total control through the display.

Directly from the driving position, always through the display, it is possible to activate the linear or quincunx seeding function (which allows the seeds to be laid alternately).

Optional Equipment

Modula PRO can be equipped with:

  • Optical sensor: allows a precise detection of each seed-fall towards the cones, reducing seeding errors.
  • Full package CAN: allows the user to gather and send in Cloud all data concerning machine performance, seeding activity, alarm and maintenance. 

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