Terraline™ Spading Fork, Gardena

Terraline™ Spading Fork, Gardena

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43.20 -10% Initial price: 48.00 € Product code: ΓΕ.01.167 Product weight: 2.57 Kg Product dimensions: 117x20x6 cm
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Product description:

The GARDENA Terraline™ Spading Fork is a valuable helper for planting and root-sparing digging, removal and loosening of soil. The extra-wide and ergonomically shaped T handle with soft plastic components is particularly comfortable for holding with both hands. You can plant and dig much easier.

An extra-large foot-rest protection with robust tread allows good force application and reduces the danger of injury through unintentional slipping. A further plus of Terraline™ Spading Fork is the Softec™ shock absorption which is extremely gentle on the joints and has been filed for patent. Kickback during digging is reduced, e.g. when a rock is hit or when cutting off thick roots.

The handle shape is also ideal: the drop-shaped handle profile ensures that the handle lies well in the hand and prevents unintended distortion. The cold-insulating plastic sleeve on the handle allows pleasant, non-slip handling and is kind to the hands.

The four sturdy spear-shaped prongs are made of hardened quality steel with high-grade coating. The total length of the Spading Fork is 117 cm. High quality means a long life. That's why GARDENA offers a 10-year warranty!

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