Umbrella for collecting olives and other fruits

Umbrella for collecting olives and other fruits

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Product description:

This machine allows to spread a circular sheet under the plant in less than 40 seconds and through hydraulic pistons it is lowered to the ground allowing operators with pneumatic or electric harvesters to step on the fabric. This system is also ideal for beating with shakers.

Once the beating is completed, the UMBRELLA rises, closes and reopens under the next olive tree.

The maximum capacity is about 200 kg of fruit that is conveyed, upon closing the UMBRELLA, in the bags formed by the cloth between the slats.

The harvest, facilitated by the fruit now in large piles and not scattered, can be done manually or by ASPIRATOR.

The measurements of the cloth vary from a diameter of 8-9-10-11 meters depending on the plantations and it already has a planned housing for the compressor.

Normally our "UMBRELLA" is connected to the rear lift of the tractor but it is possible to realize different applications on customer's request such as front forks or forks for dozers.

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