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Product description:

The cabbage harvester includes the following:

  • The harvester's convincing feature is the way in which it powerfully but gently picks up the cabbage. The design allows the operator to keep an eye on centring and cut of the cabbage.
  • The compatible 3-point hitch with large, adjustable support wheels is available with side elevator, Pallox container slide-off or box platform, depending on logistics.
  • Longitudinal or cross-belt with defoliation device are available in our range for processing directly on the FOBRO-Pamtec.


Pick-up with discs:

  • The discs are of advantage in respect of diversity of cabbage types.
  • The cabbage is neatly separated below the head form the stalk and pulled automatically into the elastic rubber belts.

Overall view:

  • The very flexible and elastic nte band (rubber band) is able to pick up various sizes of cabbage without the need for major conversion work on the machine.
  • This is how the cabbage is conveyed upwards to the conveyor belt.


Separation device:

  • The cabbage is separated from its surrounding leaves on the conveyor belt and forwarded directly to where the cabbage head can then be deposited into waiting Pallox containers by the staff.


Cross belt:

  • The cross-belt offers space for various workstations. The individual arrangement of teh workstations if so wished by the customer allows processing in line with market consumers.


Pallox containers:

  • As soon as a box has been ready-filled and slid off, an empty box can be pushed on immediately. This means that there are no delays when harvesting.

Full Pallox containers:

  • The filled Pallox containers can be slid off onto the field at any time using the tilter on which they are located.

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