Zugro Fe 1Lt

Zugro Fe 1Lt

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11.00 Product code: ΓΦ.04.037 Product weight: 1 Kg
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Product description:

Ferrum Solution.



Available in packs of

5% Fe

1 lt

pH 2-4



Can be combined with many agrochemical products. Optimum dosage depends from the properties of the soil, such as pH levels, organic matter, texture, climate conditions, time of application, general condition of the crop and its type. For better results follow the indications of the soil and leaf analysis.

Mixing istructions:

  • Fill the tank up to 1/3rd with water
  • Add (if needed) adherent agents and mix well
  • Add pesticides (if needed) and mix well
  • Add the desired quantity of Zugro Fe and mix well
  • Fill the tank with the remaining water

A small test is suggested to check mixing compatibility.

Avoid mixing with phosphorus fertilizers or strong alkaline solutions.


Foliar: 200-400cc/acre applied throughout the growth period. At least three applications are reccomended. To correct deficiencies apply more frequent at doses of 300cc/acre with the appearance of the first symptoms.

Warning! Ferrum can have competitive effect in glyphosate herbicides. In case of mixing with glyphosate add ammonium sulfate or some other adjuvant agent to improve performance.

Fertigation: Apply through drop at doses 400-800cc/acre. Do not apply phosphate fertilizers or strongly alkaline solutions.

Pre-emergent: Apply at doses 400-800cc/acre.

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