Delayed order

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

The product has been delayed to be sent from our supplier: In order to offer you very competitive prices, we order our products from a very wide range of either domestic or foreign suppliers. There are, however, instances of products whose customs clearance delayed the transfer, and the order cannot be completed as agreed. In such a case, “PANAGROTIKI S.A” contacts you to resolve the problem and in particular to ask you if you want to deliver the order without the specific product or suggest an alternative.

The product you ordered has been phased out and is not available anymore: among the thousands of products that we have listed in our e-shop there are rare cases where their supplier suddenly and unexpectedly announces that phases out them. In this case an employee of our company will communicate directly with you to give you all the alternatives.

Force majeure: in periods of extreme weather or strikes as well as in any case of force majeure, the transportation and the delivery of your order might be affected.

Communication Problems: the contact details you have entered might not be correct.