Panagrotiki S.A.

Our company, PANAGROTIKI S.A, was established in 1978 and is situated in Lamia, 200 km from Athens northerly.

Three shops of products that had to do with plant protection, were incorporated. As a result, was created a company which commands now a great range of agricultural products. In 1995, it was relocated in a new privately-owned space of 9000 m2 in which there are a building of 2000 m2 and contemporary establishments with superior mechanical equipment.

To meet our goals, our company is composed of numerous specialized personnel. For this purpose, we occupy, in daily basis, 21 persons, of which 5 persons are agronomists (2 persons in the department of agricultural supplies, 2 persons in the department of services and 1 person in the irrigation department), 1 technological agronomist in the department of agricultural supplies, 1 mechanical who is responsible for the machinery department, 2 mechanics in the repair shop, 3 economists in the accounts department, 1 secretary, 2 cashiers, 2 professional drivers for shipping, 1 person responsible for the loading/unloading of supplies in the storage and 3 salesmen spread accross in different sections in our company.

So far, it can be said that the performance of the company is successful as it is famous for its collaboration not only with innumerable business associate plus public sector, but also with countless farmers. This is clearly illustrated by the continuous increase of its turnover.

Balance Sheets

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