Shipping methods

Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of P.C. that you declare in the entry of your order and on the basis of volume and/or weight of your order. Because of more than one factors affecting the calculation of the freight costs, they may be identified fully only when posting an order.

In case of delivering product abroad and when sending via courier then the cost of the transport will be calculated automatically during order entry.

In case of bulky products shipping costs may be identified only by telephone with one of the representatives of our store. In this case the costs will have to be paid separately and in particular through the bank or PayPal.

Delivery time:

  • Within Lamia: one working day
  • By courier to whole Greece: within 2 working days
  • By transportation company: within 5 working days


For orders over 380€ the shipment is free. (Only for delivery by transportation company in Athens and Thessaloniki)