Vision & Values

Our Mission

Satisfied Customers

In our company, we aim through our daily activity, to satisfy all the requirements of our customers. We achieve this by providing insightful advices, identifying their real needs and offering subsequently reliable & innovative solutions.

Excellent Working Environment

The employees of our company are the most valuable asset. For this reason we seek a working environment where every employee has the opportunity to develop his/her personal abilities and skills as well as to be evaluated by objective criteria.

Sustainable Development

Our goal is always to offer to our clients, sustainable solutions that ensure their own and therefore our own sustainable development. The sustainable development is closely related to profitability, respect for the environment and improvement of the living standards of people.


Cooperativeness / Teamwork

We believe that the achievement of high goals can be achieved through cooperation and teamwork within our company. We see it every day in practice with the interaction & joint action of various departments and members of our company in order to satisfy the customers and other partners.

For us, cooperativeness & teamwork extends to our relationship with our customer. We try to support the customer-partner from the early stages of cultivation till harvesting, packaging and product market reach in order to reap common benefits.

Trust and Integrity

For us, trust and integrity are the greatest assets of our company. Every business operation and transaction with our customers and partners is done with integrity aiming at fostering a mutual trust. Thereby we build long-term partnerships.

Courage and Confidence

We work with courage and confidence to maintain the qualification of the pioneer in the areas we operate. Only when these elements accompany our daily work, we are able to escape from the triteness and offer to our customers and suppliers innovative solutions.


We envision remaining in the long -term one of the best companies in our field. To achieve this, we try daily to offer integrated solutions from crop selection, sowing and planting till harvesting, packaging, and distribution of the product in the market.