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Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε.

 Containers for collecting and storing used oils
-100 %
Waste oil containers:Container designed for collection and storage of waste oils, manufactured in compliance with the applicable regulations.Made of roto-moulded high-density polyethylene, they provide high mechanic, thermal, chemical,  UV rays and adverse weather conditions resistance.Polyethylene ..
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 Led warning light with flexible base
-21 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΓΕ.01.261
Tύπος / Type  Φάρος Led με εύκαμπτη βάση / Led warning light with flexible base Τάση / Volt 12/24V Leds 45 Πιστοποίηση / Certification ECE R65 +  R10 , IP56 Λειτουργία / Function Περιστροφική ή με Διπλή επολογή / Rotary or Double Choice Κατάλληλο / Suitable Εργασία σε..
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 Paper Wine Filter
-10 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΔΕ.06.071
The paper wine filter No 0 - 4 - 8 - 12 - 16 is a filter, suitable for finishing and debourbage...
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AC ARC Welder Nova Mastery-180
-12 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΓΕ.01.269
  AC ARC Welder Nova Mastery-180 MMA Copper winding Fan-cooling Compact and portable Stepless current adjustment Automatic thermistor protection High efficiency and safety Suitable for repairment   & DIY    Technical Characteristics Mastery-180 Main Voltage (AC/V) 230/400 Frequency..
158.40€ 180.00€
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AC ARC Welder Pionier TA 252
-12 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΓΕ.01.280
  AC ARC Welder Pionier TA 252 for both single-phase and three-phase current.   More information: 230/400V 50/60Hz Handle Wheels for easy transfer Welding holder..
378.40€ 430.00€
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Acid measuring of olive oil
-38 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΔΕ.06.042
 Acidity control kit for olive oil...
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Acid measuring wine
-38 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΔΕ.06.063
Acidity control kit for wine...
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Acrylic Floor Paint 5Lt
-12 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΔΠ.02.357
  Acrylic floor paint TETRALUX is a special, high quality paint of acrylic resins, with great weather resistance and suitable for concrete floors of industrial areas and sports arenas.   TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Density : 1,08 – 1,16 (ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 2811 20oC) Viscosity : 1.500 – 2.000 mPas (ASTM D2..
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Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΨΚ.01.508
The particle mask has active carbon layer for relief from annoying odors and irritation, guarding the employee below the TLV level organic vapor. Is lightweight design is stage FFP1 for particulate 4 x TLV. Innovative CPC valve relieves the inner cup from the exhalation vapor, keeping the mask dry a..
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Adjustable connectors
-10 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΜΣ.01.023
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Adjustable Spanner 10''
-12 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΓΕ.02.718
  Adjustable Spanner 10''..
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Adjustable Spanner 12''
-12 %
Brand: Παναγροτική Α.Ε.Β.Ε. Model: ΓΕ.02.719
  Adjustable Spanner 12''..
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