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Mini Agri, the "mini lift," created to meet the needs of small works. Great for agricultural work, it is a vehicle that fits perfectly in tight and difficult spaces. Featured by high versatility and excellent handling, Mini Agri can be fitted, in addition to the full range of accessories offered by the company (lifting hooks, grippers of various kinds, buckets for excavation and inert material), also with winches and baskets. The most spacious cab in its category designed to ensure a high level of comfort, thanks to the new DSCS (Double Skin Composite System) door, an innovative lightweight composite material made by Dieci Research and Development center. The dual objective of significantly lightening the vehicle, improving its performance and considerably increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation, comfort and roominess is obtained by using this material.


  • Single-speed hydrostatic transmission
  • Single Control
  • Robust Reliability
  • Small and agile

Single-speed hydrostatic transmission

  • Extremely high performance: best speed-power ratio in all working conditions.
  • Guaranteed traction and speed, with no need to change gear.
  • Unrivaled fluidity of movement and millimetric precision in small movements.
  • Electronic throttle and Inching pedal allowing slow and controlled movement, even with the boom at maximum power.
  • Great comfort: no gear changes, no jolts.

Single Control

  • Travel direction and boom are controlled exclusively by the new single-lever joystick for intuitive and comfortable control.
  • All vehicle control functions are handled by a single control unit that measures the best working parameters through an advanced diagnostic system.
  • The hydraulic distributors ensure more simultaneous movements and greater response to controls, for more effective work.

Robust Reliability

  • Reinforced High-Strength Steel boom to ensure increased swinging force.
  • Increased strength provided by the reinforced frame.
  • Double-cylinder, double-action hydraulic accessories lock for maximum stability.

Small and agile

  • Agile in small spaces, precise in all movements.
  • The 3 steering modes - front, concentric, transverse - allow smooth driving even with the heaviest loads.
  • Ideal for maneuvres in tight spaces, with great power, excellent handling and precision movement control.

Distance from the ground 235 mm
Max length 4125 mm
Cabin height 1915 mm
Tire width 1840 mm
Wheel curve radius 3925 mm
Max capacity 2600 kg
Max lifting height 5,73 m
Max height at the wheels 5,73 m
Breaking force
Towing force 5510 daN
Speed 30 km/h
Weight 5100 kg
Brand Kubota
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 3331 cm3
Max power 55 kW (74 HP)
Emission standard Stage V/Tier 4f
Hydraulic circuit
Hydraulic pump capacity 80 l/Min
Maximum operating pressure 23 MPa
Transmission type Single speed Hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement pump
Tires 12x16,5""
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